IT'S LIKE BEING LOST IN HEAVEN: Blitz Magazine's Editor/Publisher Michael McDowell was honored to make a cameo appearance in Lost In Your Eyes 30, a commemorative video celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the monster classic Atlantic label single, Lost In Your Eyes by beloved vocalist, composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Debbie Gibson. Blitz Magazine takes a closer look below at how this unique and remarkable project came to pass. (The original 1989 Atlantic Records picture sleeve for the single is pictured above) (Click on above image to enlarge).


To be certain, thinking outside of the box upon occasion calls for thinking on the spur of the moment.

As many among our long time audience are fully aware, Blitz Magazine was commissioned on a regular basis by Rhino Records in the early days of the label to compose sleeve notes and/or provide technical research for a wealth of reissue projects that ultimately became a key foundation of the Rhino catalogue. They included various releases by Dionne Warwick, the Monkees, the New Colony Six, the Vogues, Nancy Sinatra, Gene Pitney, Brian Hyland, the Platters, the Outsiders, Joe Tex, Brenton Wood, the Olympics, Bobby Day, the Diamonds, the Chocolate Watchband, Bill Deal And The Rhondels and many others. 

Recently, a Rhino social media post commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Lost In Your Eyes, the immensely successful Atlantic Records single by the beloved and extraordinarily gifted vocalist, composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Deborah Ann "Debbie" Gibson. Lost In Your Eyes was also featured in Gibson's landmark and duly successful second Atlantic album, Electric Youth. Atlantic's vast and essential catalog is presently overseen by Rhino Records.

In turn, Blitz Magazine has championed Debbie Gibson's work extensively since her late 1980s debut. To that effect, her 1989 We Could Be Together single for Atlantic was Blitz's pick for Best Single of that year. Likewise, her duly named, comprehensive, 13-disc career box set for Edsel Records took top honors from Blitz for Best Reissue / Anthology Of 2017.  Most recently, Gibson again got the nod from Blitz Magazine for Single Of The Year in 2018 for her utterly stupendous Your Forever Girl.

As such, it seemed in keeping with the spirit of the occasion to comment in a matter of fact yet upbeat manner on Rhino's social media post. In doing so, the question was posed by Blitz Magazine, "So how come during all of that time that we never got to work on a project with Debbie Gibson?"

And at that point, the thinking outside of the box perspective indigenous to many of the most gifted of artists availed itself. 

Moments later, Debbie Gibson weighed in on Rhino's post with an affirmation of sorts of our not so tongue in cheek observation. And with that, the proverbial light bulb went off in the minds of all concerned.

In keeping with her unwavering commitment to creative autonomy, Gibson had come up with her own ideas on how to commemorate the occasion at hand. A populist visionary with the rare gift of technical acumen combined with heart, Gibson had envisioned celebrating not so much that classic ballad's early mainstream successes (which are not necessarily an accurate barometer of aesthetic merit). Rather, she opted to showcase its timeless and universal appeal, which continues to resonate with both the hardcore faithful and the peripheral observer. 

To that effect, Gibson put out a cattle call to a trusted inner circle of friends, family, colleagues, confidantes and supporters. That group included unwaveringly faithful members of the media (such as Blitz Magazine), as well as her supremely loyal and hardcore fan base, who are affectionately referred to as Deb Heads. 

The idea was to produce a thirtieth anniversary commemorative video of Lost In Your Eyes. Therein, Gibson would reprise the classic single from a more universal perspective, excerpted from the so-called "Dream Mix" that was featured in the Hallmark Channel's acclaimed September 2018 motion picture, Wedding Of Dreams (in which Gibson starred as school teacher Debbie Taylor). The project would be visually augmented by the aforementioned colleagues, confidantes and supporters professing their solidarity in various ways, from holding up placards featuring their favorite couplet from the lyrics to improvising their own renditions of the piece. 

True to form, the faithful rallied to the cause in short order. Inspired in no small part by the aforementioned Rhino Records social media post, Blitz Magazine opted to answer the cattle call and join in on the fun. 

Therein, Editor/Publisher Michael McDowell invoked a bit of method acting by assuming a blissed out look while holding up a handmade placard (in keeping with the homegrown mission statement of the project) with the lyrics, "It's like being lost in heaven". Gibson and her world class team painstakingly meshed the various contributions together, and the finished video was released on 18 March to considerable acclaim.

"Crying happy tears", Gibson said on the evening of the video's release.

"Thank you all for your contribution to this epic video and for your loyalty".

Likewise, Blitz Magazine reciprocates with a heartfelt "thank you" to Debbie Gibson for three decades of thinking outside of the box with optimum results. It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to have been a part of this "better late than never" collaboration. From our perspective, the red carpet remains rolled out for any such subsequent projects. 

And here is a direct link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsXfLSDTXsQ