Blitz Magazine's web site is lovingly dedicated
to the memory of my beloved Princess,
Audrey J. McDowell
(19 June 1960 - 30 October 2014)

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Blitz Magazine's web site is also dedicated to the memory of some of the finest people to ever walk the face of this earth, who are greatly missed and whose contributions to Blitz are immeasurable: Kenneth E. McDowell (1914-1966), Virginia J. McDowell (1919-2004), Stella O. Brockway (1916-2001), Anna Sawchuk (1885-1978), Michael Cichonsky (1888-1973), Catherine Cichonsky (1896-1962) and Boris "Lash" Loupishansky (1916-1960).

Blitz also remains grateful for the unconditional love that was given by the three best friends that one could ever ask for: our late cats Doctor (02 June 1991 - 28 June 2001) and Baby Lee (02 April 1992 - 23 January 2006) and our beloved family dog, Peeps (01 May 1990 - 02 May 2007). 

From all of us at Blitz Magazine, may you and yours have a blessed day. Jesus is Lord!